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MOSTYN Open 20

8 July 2017 - 5 November 2017


  • Catherine Large, Strange Things Collection, 2013 - 2015. Sterling silver. various metals, plastic, glass. Photo by Michelle Bowden

  • MOSTYN Open 20 installation view

  • MOSTYN Open 20 installation view

  • MOSTYN Open 20 installation view

  • MOSTYN Open 20 installation view

  • MOSTYN Open 20 installation view

Selected artists:
Sarah Bernhardt, David Berweger, Rudi Bogaerts, John Bourne, Manuel Caldeira, Alex Edwards, Matteo Fato, Joe Fletcher Orr, David Garner, Mitchell Kehe, Eli Keszler, Ilona Kiss, Jadranka Kosorcic, Catherine Large, Alyona Larionova, Sophie Lee, Gal Leshem, Jessica Lloyd-Jones, Laura Malacart, Oliver McConnie, Tom Milnes, Yelena Popova, Louise Short, Andrew Stooke, Tom Verity, Gernot Wieland, Driant Zeneli.

Since its inception in 1989, the MOSTYN Open has called out to artists, of any age and residing place, to enter work, with the selection made by a judging panel and presented at MOSTYN in an exhibition. The panel will award a prize of £10,000 to a single artist or collective, and the winner will be announced at the exhibition opening in June 2017. A further prize of £1,000 – the Audience Award – is determined by the artist receiving the most votes from the visiting public during the exhibition’s run, and this will be announced before the exhibition closes in November 2017.

The selection of artists for MOSTYN Open 20 represents the continued rise of the gallery’s international profile with participants located in Belgium, Holland, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, China, Australia, USA and UK.

MOSTYN Open 20 was selected by Lydia Yee (Chief Curator, Whitechapel Gallery), Chus Martínez (Curator and Head of the Institute of Art, FHNW Academy of Arts and Design, Basel), Alfredo Cramerotti (Director, MOSTYN), and Adam Carr (Visual Arts Programme Curator, MOSTYN).

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