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Soft Touch and Fluffy Delights

4 August 2023 - 11 August 2023


Image credit: Katie O'Neill / Credyn delwedd: Katie O'Neill

This exhibition offers a textile latch hook showcase, presenting a fusion of artworks crafted by Welsh artist Ella Louise Jones and the imaginative creations by workshop attendees. Visitors entering this space will embark on a captivating sensory journey. Invited to indulge their senses, they will experience the tactile delight of running their fingers through luxuriant fibres. This exhibition presents an opportunity for visitors to engage actively, embracing the chance to interact, pick up, and wear Ella’s pieces. The showcased sculptures are crafted from various materials, including latex, cotton, and yarn fibres, embodying the power of manipulating textures and fabrics. In a world increasingly dominated by flat screens and virtual experiences, this exhibition invites contemplation on the value of touch, reminding us of its profound role in our learning through playfulness and exploration.

Drop by the Project Space at Mostyn to interact with this exhibition exploring tactile textile sculptures.

This event is a part of the Isdyfiant project generously funded by Natural Resources Wales.

This sensory exhibition is open to all!

Please explore the latch hook and latex sculptures and interact with the work. You are welcome to touch, stroke, hug and play with all the sculptures in this room. We also have some resources in the space for you to try out latch hooking yourselves!

If you would prefer to come to the exhibition during a quieter time we suggest coming at 10:30am when the gallery opens, this is one of the times we usually have less visitors in our  building.

We always aim to make our spaces wheelchair accessible however, due to the nature of this exhibition, the two sculptures on the floor are moveable by our visitors and this may make some parts of the exhibition temporarily inaccessible. Members of staff will be checking this throughout the day but please let us know if you can’t access the exhibition for any reason.

These sculptures are cleaned periodically and there is hand sanitiser available in the space. If you would prefer to wear gloves when touching the work we have latex free gloves on the Big Ideas Box in our main corridor.

Our front of house team are always happy to help you. They will be in the gallery spaces, so please ask them for assistance if you need any.

If you have any questions about your visit, please email us, the Learning and Engagement team, at [email protected] or phone us at 01492 879201.

We ask that children under the age of 8 are accompanied by an adult, and please be mindful and respectful of other people enjoying the exhibition too.

Artist profiles and statements

Ella Louise Jones

Ella Jones is a Welsh artist currently based in Manchester and North Wales. She creates installations, sculptures, and costumes centred on kinaesthetic learning, learning through bodily movement, and creating tangible interactions between the audience and artwork. Recent projects include the Playwork commission at TY PAWB, Wrexham (2022), Tibro Yalp, g39, Cardiff (2022), and Welcome Collection’s Mitochondrial Research Artist in Residence (2020-2021).

Ella is interested in haptic, which is feeling what the eyes can’t see. It is to feel the weight of an object, its material, the texture of its unfamiliar surface, and its temperature. Touch is a problem in galleries making the audience a pinball and avoiding being too close to the artwork. Ella believes that with technological advances, our touch opportunities are growing. Still, it is to touch a screen or device. Through her practice, Ella wants to create multisensory spaces with textile and silicone sculptures designing more tactile opportunities.

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