Open Tuesday – Saturday, 10:30am – 4:30pm Free entry


Pop-Up North Wales Contemporary Craft Fair

10 August 2024

Time: 10:30 - 4:30


Our second Pop-up North Wales Contemporary Craft Fair will be held at Mostyn on Saturday August 10th.

With free entry for visitors, it’s a fantastic opportunity to buy beautiful and affordable art directly from the artists.

We’ll have 14 stalls with a variety of artists, designers and makers from Wales and the rest of the UK:

Bethan Parry Makes / Jo Lavelle Jewellery / Kirsty Williams Ceramics / Julian Brasington / Elwy studio / Nantglyn Pottery / Loz Anne / Naomi Bunker Artist / Lydia Silver / OR8DESIGN / Deryn Jewellery / Laura Weston / Heather Hancock Stitch / Miss Marple Makes

We will also have free drop-in workshops for all ages. Our Siop will be open as usual, and our café will also be open all day for locally roasted coffee, delicious cakes and light meals.

Artist profiles and statements

Bethan Parry Makes

Mixed media artist, Bethan Parry lives and works in Wrexham, North Wales, specialising in jewellery, wearable and interactive objects. Inspired by childhood and play, Bethan aims to create pieces that bring a sense of joy to the wearer. Bethan recreates toys, games, and feelings from childhood in her work, sharing her enthusiasm for play. The pasta collection is inspired by the common activity of children making pasta and glitter string necklaces, the needle felted bangles by stacking rings, the tube jewellery from straws and connector toys, and the grown-up-glow-sticks speak for themselves. Using many techniques in her work, Bethan creates unique and playful jewellery from both precious and non-precious materials.

Jo Lavelle Jewellery

Contemporary silver jewellery with a textural and sculptural feel. Made in Manchester.

Kirsty Williams Ceramics

Kirsty Williams is a studio potter working from home in her small studio in North Wales. Her minimalist style is very much influenced by the Scandinavian design principles of functionality, simplicity and aesthetics. The palette of colours she uses are inspired by the colours in nature she enjoys when she’s not in the studio. Kirsty’s stoneware ceramics are designed to be used everyday and bring joy to your everyday rituals.

Julian Brasington

A North Wales based printmaker and poet my work explores the momentariness of things. I am drawn to the sea by its borderlessness, by the way that it reshapes itself, constantly, by the possibilities that it affords, and I am drawn to Islands for the opposite reason: they are holding places, retreats, punctuations. My prints and my poems are themselves islands of sorts — points of capture but also points of departure.

Elwy studio

Anne: Printmaker using letterpress lino and silkscreen techniques small variable editions which exploit the potential for play in print. Paul: Inspired by the natural world – waterways birds in flight landscape – enamel on board is a reflective surface which places the viewer in the procure frame.

Nantglyn Pottery

I make simple, functional pottery. I am very fond of bowls and vases and strongly influenced by Korean, Japanese and Chinese traditional forms. The focus of my work is on form and I rarely decorate. Glazing is simple often in one colour and I am particularly fond of celadons. To produce subtle blues and greens I use ash glazes which are reduction fired in a gas kiln. These sometimes include splashes of ox-blood glaze. To explore the iron rich glazes, tenmoku, persimmon and oil spot I fire in and oxidation atmosphere in an electric kiln. My pots are and of stoneware or porcelain and are high fired (1280 deg C).

Loz Anne

Welsh mixed media artist based in Caernarfon north Wales. My art is heavily inspired by florals, with influences by current trends and Welsh iconology.

Naomi Bunker Artist

Naomi is a sculptor who lives and works in a farmhouse studio near Swansea. The subject matter Naomi enjoys working with are figurative and wildlife pieces. She works in clay creating realistic sculptures that are either fired in a kiln or cast into bronze or bronze resin.

Lydia Silver

I am an illustrator based in Conwy specialising in digital art with an interest in mid century culture and fashion. The main theme of my work is inspired by 1960s and 70s aesthetics and reproducing these printing methods and styles digitally, and reinterpreting them in my own contemporary style.


OR8DESIGN is Owen Findley, designing and screenprinting by hand from his home studio in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Inspired by nature, travel and adventure, Owen embraces negative space and uses bold, flowing shapes to draw the viewer in and take them on an adventure through the landscapes he creates. His minimal prints focus less on the detail and more on capturing the emotion of a place; hazy memories of childhood visits and fleeting moments from favourite holidays. This gives his prints a calm, dream-like feel. Owen and his family regularly take their campervan on trips all over the UK and beyond to get inspiration for his next series of prints.

The nature of screenprinting helped to inform the signature OR8DESIGN style, using the fewest colours for the greatest impact. Even after over 12 years of printing, the delight of lifting the screen on the final colour and seeing that the print has been a success has never gone away for Owen. Owen is passionate about everyone being able to own and enjoy beautiful, hand-made art and so his work is printed as open-editions and priced affordably.

Deryn Jewellery

I create unique handcrafted jewellery – affordable, colourful and easy to wear.

Laura Weston

I am an artist who specialises in traditional block printing, art featuring bold colours, patterns and themes from nature (including my muse #hudsongingercat). I blog about my creative journey on Instagram @laurawestonart.

Heather Hancock Stitch

Heather Hancock is a maker who creates original 2D and 3D handmade pieces, using stitched, collaged and drawn techniques.

Miss Marple Makes

I’m a ceramic Artist based on Anglesey. I love bold colours and create playful work that will make you smile.

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