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Diane Dal-pra: Dissolutions. Curator Tour.


Dal-pra’s work seduces and disquiets the viewer with its ambiguous composition and detailing. The central theme of her works is the duality of our relationship with possessions. Rituals and superstitions around objects give a sense of stability and permanence, and in turn, the objects we own engulf us and our identities as well as being a source of comfort.

The exhibition at Mostyn presents a series of paintings, including new work, which are detailed, ambiguous and mesmerising at the same time. Often associated with layers of intimacy and even voyeurism, the new body of work focuses on our daily life rituals, relationships, obsessions and sensations. Her psychological assemblages reveal details of objects, situations and bodies which are entangled in a precarious balance of recollections and imaginations. We cannot know where one finishes and the other begins, and by standing in front of the works, we move through a landscape of silent remnants, solitary moments and a disquieting, muffled atmosphere – like “an endless insomniac time in which a fake quietness gives way to ominous sensation” (Marion Coindeau).

On view at Mostyn: 1 July 2023 – 7 October 2023

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