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QUEER IS NOT A LABEL – A series of six online performances


QUEER IS NOT A LABEL is a series of events at the crossroads between art, music and performance, initiated and founded in Paris in 2019 by Kévin Blinderman (artist, curator) and Paul-Alexandre Islas (artist, sex worker, DJ), that supports and celebrates radical gender-questioning artists. For this collaboration with Mostyn, the series includes online performances by Noemi, DJ Fingerblast, Nuh Peace, Bunny Intonamorous, Neurokill, and TRISTAN.

Based on community-building and collaboration, this nomadic project seeks to question and deconstruct patriarchal heteronormative structures. Connected to the internet since childhood, the artists are invested in various kinds of musical genres. They sample, produce, steal, remix and distort, forming complex musical collages. Previously invited artists include Slutara, Moesha 13, Cherry B. Diamond, Absent Fathers, In My Talons, Chapelle, Loft, Jules Du Coeur, Sxmbra, Giek_1, Drame Nature, Baile De Chernobyl, Bulma, Bilej Kluk, Nastia 6.9, DogHeadSurigeri and Urami.

Kévin Blinderman (b.1994) is an artist and curator living between Berlin and Paris. He studied Fine Art at the Ecole Nationale Supérieur d’Arts de Paris/Cergy, Paris and at Bezalel Academy of Fine Arts, Tel-Aviv. His work has been presented at the ‘No Dandy, No Fun’, Kunsthalle Bern, Switzerland, 2020; ‘Studio Berlin’, Berghain curated by the Boros Collection, 2020; Le Plateau Frac Ile-de-France, Paris, 2018; Galerie Sultana, Paris, 2020; and at the Istanbul Contemporary Art Fair, 2019. He is currently part of the Berlin Program for Artists (BPA) until the end of 2021.

Paul-Alexandre Islas (URAMI) (b. 1994) is an artist, DJ and sexworker living in Paris. They studied Fine Art at the Ecole Nationale Supérieur d’Arts de Paris/Cergy. Their work has been presented at “Boddys”, Bonny Poon, Paris, 2018; “Schengen Baroque Pasolini”, Converso, Milano, 2019; Galerie Sultana, Paris, 2020. The Opioid Crisis Lookbook, 2020 They DJ at La Machine du Moulin Rouge, Paris, Trauma Bar and Kino, Berlin.

T R I S T A N 

Brussels-based French artist T R I S T A N produces deep deconstructed, reconstructed music over hard ambient, rap, pop and melodic trap. His mixes are listened to in a cinematographic way, allowing for the fusion of these multiple genres and identities to be heard.


Noemi is co-founder of BCAA, a DJ/live stream platform, gallery, podcast, artist label based in Prague. She is part of Blazing Bullets, a collective of DJs and AV artists that broadcast their mixes on Facebook. Noemi emerged from a nascent European electronic scene and creates sounds where she takes the listener on a journey with an aggressive fragility.


London-based DJ Fingerblast is a leading figure in the emerging new Donk scene, a dance music genre that has come out of the UK mixing hardcore sounds, overlaid with manic, unintelligible MC-ing and the “donk” sound itself.

Nuh Peace 

Based in Bangkok, Nuh Peace is a DJ, fashion designer, activist and post-internet drag queen. Their sound and vision transform and reform the condition of Bangkok authoritarian capitalist context and represent the QPOC under the oppressive social structure. Nuh Peace is part of the unheard South East Asian youth shaping the new world.

Bunny Intonamorous 

Known under several aliases as DJ Netflex, DJ Air Dnb, Bunny Intonamorous, also known as Medulasa, is a prolific artist from Manchester who also works using online platforms (Soundcloud, Facebook avant-garde electronic music groups). With their melodic and dramatic productions, their mixes are always led to unknown sound plains.


Visual artist, DJ, trans activist, designer, Mexico-based Neurokill’s work is marked by a gore aesthetic. His mixes are inspired by Techno and Pre-hispanic rhythms, at the core of the new LatinX electronic scene.


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