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Ffocws #2

29 June 2024 - 7 September 2024

Retail Showcase

  • Elizabeth Ingman

  • Christopher Higson

  • Judith Donaghy

  • Lisa Reeve

  • Liz Toole

Judith Donaghy / Christopher Higson / Elizabeth Ingman / Lisa Reeve / Liz Toole 

Discover the dynamic art scene of North Wales through “Ffocws”. This vibrant series of changing showcases shine a spotlight on artists living and working in the region.

Each curated display presents an exciting opportunity to explore and purchase artworks from the gifted artists of North Wales.

Additionally, as part of the Collectorplan scheme, Mostyn provides the opportunity to invest in contemporary art and craft through interest-free payments spread over twelve months.

This scheme is applicable to purchases exceeding £56, offering flexibility and accessibility to art enthusiasts. Terms and conditions apply.

For further information, please inquire in store.

Artist profiles and statements

Christopher Higson

Mexico has been the core focus of my artwork for the past 5 years and an exploration into many aspects of a diverse country. Discovering the threads that link aspects such as cuisine, religion, history, culture and communities continually inspire both my interests and my practice. I work predominantly as a painter at present, building layers of paint as the composition, colours, subjects and narrative evolves with it.

Elizabeth Ingman

A completely self-taught artist, Elizabeth Ingman has worked in education for over 20 years. Her overriding passion, however, is painting. Her studio is a kitchen table in her home in

Ingman’s artistic preoccupation is the juxtaposition of the formal rigidity of Welsh blanket
design with the contrasting organic curvature of the natural world and, specifically, the
kitchen larder. Tessellation versus voluptuousness. Combining these familiar shapes and
objects with saturated colour, Ingman’s works are both cosily familiar and chromatically
bold celebrations of our culture.

Judith Donaghy

Born in the charming town of Frodsham, Cheshire, I initially trained as a textile designer before my passion led me to the world of fine art.

My semi-abstract oil paintings, inspired by coastlines, countryside, and flowers, vividly express my deep love for nature, colour, and texture.
I create from a blend of memory and sketches, focusing on subjects that resonate with universal experiences. While I rarely paint en plein air, I prefer to capture mental snapshots of my subjects, returning to my studio to distil these impressions into unique and evocative artistic interpretations, using a personally chosen colour palette.

The only exception is my floral paintings, which I always paint from life, surrounding myself with an array of blooms in various jars and vases. This came about after the sad loss of my son when I was given so many beautiful flowers by kind friends and family. Not wanting to lose these flowers I began to paint them and after an initial tentative post on social media was amazed at the positive response.

North Wales, particularly Anglesey, is a constant source of inspiration for me. The ever-changing beaches, sea, sky, and rugged landscape offer endless exploration and are a recurring theme in my paintings. I hope that my art brings joy and a sense of well-being to those who view it.

Lisa Reeve

Growing up surrounded by the rugged mountains, rolling hills and dramatic coastlines of Conwy, I have developed a deep connection to the natural beauty and rich, cultural heritage of Wales, which is reflected in my artwork. Using a unique contour line drawing technique, I love to capture the curves, contours and layers of the Welsh scenery that has captivated me since childhood.

With a degree in Printed Textile Design from Winchester School of Art, my artwork has evolved through many years of drawing, painting and printing. As an avid hiker and traveller, I draw inspiration from the majestic landscapes I encounter, seeking to distil their essence through simplified forms, lines and textures.

My art is also inspired by the work of other artists, both historical and contemporary, with a particular fascination for the Japanese Woodblock prints of the Katsushika Hokusai. Like Hokusai, I aim to use simple line art to capture the vitality of my subjects. Through my use of vibrant colours, I seek to showcase the energy and beauty of the colours in the Welsh landscape.

Liz Toole

Liz Toole is a printmaker who has a genuine love of birds. Working and traveling in Africa has informed and inspired Liz’s work, this is where she fell in love with nature, mainly birds, following her ceramics degree. Liz uses birds to tell a story which is usually something that has happened in her life, she aims to create a positive story.

All of Liz’s screen prints and linocuts are designed and hand printed by her using specialised printmaking papers. Colour plays a huge part in Liz’s work, she has been known to test print 60 different colour combinations for a two colour screenprint, waiting for that eureka moment.

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