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Vision and values

Our Values

  • Support excellence: show the best international contemporary art, and the best work by regional artists, craftspeople and makers, at Mostyn.
  • Captivate and fascinate: encourage discussion and reflection on how and why contemporary art is relevant to our lives.
  • Champion inclusivity: be welcoming, accessible and provide space for all voices.
  • Collaborate: share Mostyn and the value of contemporary art beyond our building by working in partnership with others in our communities.
  • Act with Integrity: promote sustainable and ethical working practices and creative opportunities for others.
  • Advocate: actively support the Welsh language and the Welsh cultural sector.

Our Vision

  • To produce outstanding and internationally significant contemporary art exhibitions that aim to represent diverse perspectives on contemporary life.
  • To engage, inspire and excite our audiences, through our ambitious exhibition, learning and digital programmes.
  • To provide a safe, inclusive, accessible and welcoming environment to share contemporary art and open dialogue with everyone.
  • To passionately support and promote the Welsh language as a modern language of creativity and innovation.
  • To nurture and promote Welsh and Wales based artists and creative practitioners, nationally and internationally.
  • To be a resilient, diverse and sustainable organisation that contributes towards the cultural, social, environmental and economic fabric of Wales.

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